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The Zippo lighter has been a mainstay in many pockets since its invention in 1933. Its serviceable nature and ability to operate in harsh weather make it make it appropriate as both an emergency firestarter and a heirloom. With the PyroVault, THYRM has improved on this classic tool by increasing its effectiveness and robustness.

The PyroVault up-armors the classic Zippo by providing a ruggedized, sealed enclosure that remains slim enough to carry in a pocket. The texturized shell provides a sure grip in the harshest conditions, while a spring-loaded latch offers instantaneous access and supports one-handed operation. The seal of the PyroVault keeps out moisture and minimizes fuel evaporation, ensuring the lighter will be operational when you most need it. A low-profile clip allows the PyroVault to be attached to PALS or other webbing

The PyroVault is compatible with standard fluid and butane torch Zippo-style lighter inserts. Note that a few butane, non-torch inserts use a spring-loaded cam to open the fuel valve. Because the PyroVault uses its own high strength opening springs instead, these inserts are not compatible.

The PyroVault's o-ring seal provides a high level of protection from water, dust, and dirt; however, it is not dive-rated or suitable for prolonged submersion.

Housing accepts standard Zippo-style lighter inserts including both fluid and OLDER butane torch models. Newer Zippo butane torch and arc models released in late 2019 are not compatible with the PyroVault as each has a chimney that is too tall.

Zippo-style insert not included.


  • 0.6 oz (without insert)

  • Height : 2.27” (5.76cm)

  • Width : 2.15”  (5.46cm)

  • Thickness : .56”  (1.42cm)

Made in USA