Rexford RUT V4

Milled TAD Edition
Perfect Accomplice
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Material: Titanium
Variation: Topo
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This new V4 edition of the RUT features our signature topo and logo milled into the body, offering a complex and tactile finish. The body is then heat colored, darkening the surface while the topo takes on a lighter color making for a unique contrast.

The V4 incorporates all the advances of the V3 but also includes a wrap-around puzzle piece construction in the front which has one side of the tool wrapping around and encompassing the other side. This locks the two halves together at the front without any fasteners. Lock and anti-rattle attributes have been updated. The rear flathead/pry tool area has been angled in relation to the body. It also has been shortened slightly and the sweep has been extended to add strength. The lockbar shroud has been enlarged to keep your fingers further away from the lockbar.  

While folding knives are often carried to handle daily tasks, maintaining a proper edge can be a time consuming process. Enter the RUT: a compact multi-tool designed to be the perfect sidekick to enhance the life and utility of your EDC knife.

Designed to fit standard utility razors, which can be switched out as they dull, the Rexford Utility Tool (RUT) is a practical tool with a minimal pocket footprint that allows you to handle tasks where a sharp edge is key. Machined from 6AL4V titanium and available with TAD signature topo, the RUT deploys its utility razor blade via a push button release. Additionally, the RUT features a hex bit holder, a bottle opener that doubles as a P38-style can opener, and pry tip/flat blade screwdriver. Our signature three fullers are deeply milled into either side, aiding in traction and control of the RUT.

Behind the Scenes with Rexford Knives

Todd Rexford’s love of knives and the machining process was instilled in him by his father from a young age. He graduated with an engineering degree and has been making knives ever since. Rather than stick with one process that he knows works, Rexford has dedicated himself to constantly improve his work by keeping up-to-date on new materials and procedures. His experience, discipline and thirst for knowledge ensures his designs, styles, and machining processes are always cutting edge and trusted the world over by in-the-field operatives.


  • Style: Compact Utility Tool
  • Finish: Milled and Heat Colored
  • Material: 6AL4V Titanium
  • Length: 3.43” (8.71 cm)
  • Wide: 0.94” (2.39 cm)
  • Thickness: 0.19” (0.48 cm)
  • Stanley Utility Razor Blade
  • Bottle Opener
  • Pry Tool
Made in the USA