Reaver Arms Citadel

TAD Edition
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Material: Damascus
Variation: TAD Logo
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The Reaver Arms Citadel is a one-of-a-kind TAD Edition flashlight made of Vegas Forge Damascus. Inspired by gothic architecture, the signature flutes run seamlessly the full lenght of the light. The Citadel’s body and clip is machined entirely from Vegas Forge Damascus, reminiscent of our signature topo pattern. It features an advanced CWF Dragon driver pushing premium Nichia 219 high CRI LED’s with red secondary. The small single cell form factor is capable of outputting 1000+ lumens in extremely pleasing colors with a high color rendering index. The Citadel is proudly made in the USA.

Reaver Arms uses CNC and manual machining along with careful hand work to complete each Citadel. Even when running the CNC they stop every part to manually check the threads and make minor adjustments to achieve a perfect fit. The Citadel features continuously milled flutes across the body and head. This is something rarely done due to the tolerances required for the design to match up when the threads bottom out. Even with perfect tolerances the threads will slightly wear over time, so they have designed a perfect fit with the o-ring to allow slight adjustment as needed while minimizing a gap. Our logo is laser etched into the Vegas Forge Damascus clip on this one of a kind heirloom. 

Visit :
to take full advantage of all the features that the Dragon Driver has to offer. From customization and accessing the hidden programming mode, CWF provides excellent information .


Superior Engine

One of the most advanced drivers on the market, the fully programmable Dragon Driver features battery monitoring, full thermal regulation, and advanced programming and memory capabilities.


The protected microprocessor maximizes light output, resulting in a consistent level of light output throughout the battery’s life.

User Friendly

The forward click activation switch is easy to use in constant on or momentary modes. Four illumination modes from Moonlight (less than 1 lumen) all the way to Turbo at well over 1000 Lumens, 


The Citadel is designed to be upgraded. You will always have access to the latest technology.

Batteries Included

An Efest IMR 16340 700mAh unprotected battery is included. 

Behind the Scenes with Reaver Arms 

Jesse Hayes always had the desire to create. He lives for the process of overcoming the challenges associated with learning a new craft. From an early age, he could be found drawing, sculpting, building or playing with electronics. This combination of art and science led him into the world of special effects. Just out of high school, he began working at Autodesk as an animator then started his own video game company called S2 Games. Over 15 years It grew from 3 people to over 120 employees. During this time he was also methodically building his workshop while continually honing skills in machining, electrical and mechanical engineering and more. He loves designing the digital world but there is nothing like holding a physically produced piece of art in your hand. 

All Reaver Arms products are personally made by Jessy in his shop in Northern California. His driving force has always been to learn, improve and produce the best products he possibly can.



  • 1 Mode : Low Secondary

  • 2 Mode : High Secondary 

  • 3 Mode : Moonlight

  • 4 Mode: 5%

  • 5 Mode: 15%

  • 6 Mode: 35%

  • 7 Mode   50%

  • 8 Mode: 100%


  • Vegas Forge Damascus Body and Clip

  • Solid Copper Pill


  • Length: 3.40 in  ( 8.63 cm)

  • Bezel Diameter: 1 in  ( 2.54 cm)


  • Including Batteries: 5.89 oz (167 g)


  • (1) Efest 700 MAH Unprotected


  • CWF Dragon Driver 

  • Triple Nichia 219c 4000K Hi CRI (red secondary) 

  • Vegas Forge Damascus Body and Clip

  • Forward Click Tail Cap Switch

  • High Tolerance American CNC Machining

  • High Impact Hardened Glass Lenses

  • 4 Light Modes

  • Copper Heat Sink

  • Weatherproof and Water Resistant

  • Tailstands

Engineered, Manufactured and Made in the USA