Ranger Eye ACR 3D

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Material: GITD
Variation: Skull Cave
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*** This Ranger Eye ACR 3D Edition is over 1/8th thick, double the standard editions. The graphic and border stands proud over the background producing a tactile and highly contrasting patch in the dark or light.***

The Ranger Eye ACR has been constructed from a non-radioactive chemical light source and is specially engineered from a flexible acrylic substrate. It will glow in total darkness after exposure to light.

Traditionally, Ranger Eyes are used to help identify friend from foe. Designed to attach to your jacket or pack, the Ranger Eye ACR are custom made in small batches by Dan Dack out of his Idaho shop. The result is a durable patch with an engraved, TAD exclusive graphic.

Behind the Scenes with Dans Skinz

Dan Dack is a Veteran and active LEO that makes unique high quality products out of his Idaho based shop.


Material : Glow In the Dark Acrylic 


1.”x .1.”


. 054 oz ( 1.6 grams)


Engraved TAD Graphic

3M hook backing with permanently bonding

Labels & Logos

Laser Etched Triple Aught Design Graphic

**Limit 3 Per Customer**

Made in USA