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Made with a die-cut process, these pro-cut vinyl decals can be applied to nearly any surface including glass, windows, metal, doors, wood and plastic. Put them on your car bumper or window, in your man cave or wherever you want to show off.

Note: Before you apply the decal, wash the surface with soap and water. Avoid any soaps or detergents that contain creams or lotions. To ensure the best result, make sure you lay the decal face up on a smooth hard surface. Squeegee the surface to insure good contact between the pre-mask and the vinyl. Slowly remove backing paper by pulling straight back and flat (not at an angle). Apply to prepared surface and squeegee pre-mask surface using overlapping brush strokes. Finally, pull pre-masking away at an angle using a continuous motion. If bubbles occur in the letter, simply prick with a needle and smooth. Do not use a knife or razor.


Made in USA