We are no longer accepting custom builds for the FAST Pack Litespeed at this time.

STAY TUNED for new products to enter the Armory Custom Builder in the near future.

FAST Pack Litespeed : Armory Build

FAST Pack Litespeed : Sterile Edition is available EXCLUSIVELY through Armory.

Once you have completed your ideal build, it will take 4 - 8 weeks to forge your FAST Pack Litespeed in our Old Fort, North Carolina manufacturing facility.




- Certain fabrics and colors are limited in yardage. Once the yardage is depleted those options will be removed from the Armory.

 - The Armory Builder is a digital representation of your final product, there may be slight variations from the digital builder and your completed pack.

- There are NO RETURNS or EXCHANGES on Armory built packs. Once your build has been submitted, it cannot be adjusted.

- Due to processing times and payment processor policies, payment is collected at the time of order rather than at shipment.

- Due to ever changing supply chain logistics, prices are subject to change.

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Q : How long will it take for my pack to be completed?

A : Our goal is to build and deliver your Custom FAST Pack Litespeed Armory Build within 4-8 weeks. If, for any reason, there are delays our Customer Support Team will reach out.

Q : Are returns and exchanges available for Armory items?

A : No. There are no returns or exchanges on custom built Armory items once production has begun.

Q : Can I adjust my build after I have submitted it?

A : No. Once the build has been submitted it is printed and delivered to the manufacturing team. Editing orders would disrupt the production workflow and further delay the process.

Q : What if I don't want a custom FAST Pack Litespeed?

A : We will still offer the FAST Pack Litespeed and FAST Pack Litespeed SE.

Q : What if I just want the FAST Pack Litespeed : Sterile Edition without any customizations?

A : The FAST Pack Litespeed : Sterile Edition is available excluviely through Armory. You will still need to use Armory to place your order, just don't add any customized options.

Q : How does pricing work?

A : The base pack price is $375. As you add fabric and add-on options the price will increase depending on costs associated with each selection. NOTE : Rare camos and fabrics come at a premium since we are not ordering these in large yardage quantities. Many times we will order just enough to make your pack.

Q : Is there a limit to how many packs I can build and order?

A : No. Build and order as many as you like.

Q : How does ‘Jumping In The Build Queue’ work?

A : For an additional fee you can jump your Litespeed in the build queue, ensuring your design is one of the first ones to begin production for that day. If there are multiple orders that have selected to 'Jump The Build Queue', your order will still be among those. There is no guarantee that this will expedite your build faster than the stated 6-8 production timeline. This just ensures your order is prioritized to begin production sooner, ahead of other orders.



    Woven from a NYCO blend of 15% CORDURA® and 85% Cotton. A strong, durable cotton based fabric that is treated with generations-old formulations of waxes. Highly abrasion and water resistant. Able to be re-waxed with various over the counter waxes at users discretion.

  • 500D

    500D is a textured nylon for a natural spun-like appearance, with excellent resistance to fading, abrasion, rot and mildew. Quick drying, and highly water repellent.

  • X42

    Light, durable, flexible, and waterproof, X42 uses a 420d face fabric with a shiny polyester film backing.

  • VX21

    The low-stretch, waterproof construction, featuring 210-denier face fabric, provides an ideal balance of weight and durability.

  • X50

    Our rugged X50 features a mil-spec fabric elevated to tactical status with a 400d aramid X-PLY® which is lighter weight, stronger, and more abrasion-resistant.




With over a decade of service from battlefield to boardroom on all 7 continents, the FAST Pack Litespeed has set the standard for mission-configurable carry systems.  Modified versions have been produced for special customers, always in strict confidence -- the most requested of those being a 'sterile' edition, reducing the pack's external signature and adding some mission-specific features.

Building on that legacy, the FAST Pack Litespeed Sterile Edition delivers legendary performance in a low-signature package.  Key new features include wide, ergonomic shoulder straps, a new high-aspect backpanel, and an immediate-access secure external pocket.  Retaining all the internal modularity and engineered performance with a more covert exterior, the Sterile Edition is the foundation for the next generation of FAST.

Ruggedized construction and modular adaptability are the foundation of our FAST platform, helping you conquer the routine, the unexpected and everything in between. Combining the best of military design and mountaineering ergonomics, the FAST Pack Litespeed is built to be your trusted companion for adventures close to home or missions far away.

Strategically engineered for premium comfort, utility, and modularity, our nimble 1350 cubic inch FAST Pack Litespeed is a new generation of everyday carry.  The Litespeed is built for minimalist daily carry but has been carefully engineered to adjust to end-user requirements and adapt to multiple mission profiles. Step into the new evolution of carry and harness the speed of light.

  • additional front zippered pocket

    Full sized zippered compartment sized for tablets and other essential daily carry gear.

  • Upgraded shoulder straps

    Curved and thicker for more comfort, taking DNA from the FAST Pack EDC shoulder straps.

  • upgraded back panel

    Enhanced fabric that absorbs moisture and reduces pilling. Also includes a new design that enhances airflow and comfort.