Barrel Mod 10-1 Aluminum Laser Prototype R/T TAD Edition

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Color: OD Green
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This is an opportunity to purchase a rare prototype from Barrel’s vault. We made these even more special by including the Dragon Driver with Samsung 351D 5K, red secondaries and turret rings.

This edition features a lightweight aluminum build with a laser topo pattern etched into the entire surface of the Cerakote-finished body. The stainless clip is also treated with Cerakote before the TAD logo is applied.

The Barrel Mod 10-1L TAD Edition laser applies our signature topo pattern to the multifaceted aluminum body of the Barrel Flashlight. Countless hours were put in to replicate the complex and rich pattern on such a small surface.

By removing the inner sleeve of the Mod 10-1L it has allowed us to run a larger 18350 battery to extend run times. Using aluminum  has cut the weight nearly in half compared to our standard offering, making daily carry a breeze.

Blending cutting edge technology with elite craftsmanship, the Barrel 10-1L TAD Edition combines collector grade fit and finish with a rugged build and staggering volume of light.

This compact single cell conservatively puts out over 1000 lumens on 'Turbo' mode, while 'Moon' mode will run for more than ten days on a single battery. Three high performance Samsung 351D 5K  LEDs, nested into the head, deliver exceptional color rendition and  night resolution.

Rings can be swapped out, enabling you to update and customize your carry without changing your illumination platform.

A solid aluminum pill enclosing the light engine helps dissipate heat and a protected microprocessor maximizes light output, resulting in a consistent level of light output throughout the battery’s life.

All Barrell aluminum  lights come with a stainless  pocket clip and  screws for comfortable carry and superior strength.

Please Note: Due to the nature of aluminum, titanium, Damascus, ect, patterns and coloration will differ slightly from light to light



  • 1 Mode : Moonlight

  • 2 Mode : Medium

  • 3 Mode : High

  • 4 Mode: Turbo


  • Stainless Steel Pocket  Clip

  • Aluminum Ring 

  • Cerekote Finish on Body Under Laser Applied  Topo 

  • Aluminum Heat Sink

  • Aluminum Body and Head


  • Length: 3.55 in  ( 9.02 cm)

  • Bezel Diameter: 99.3 in  ( 2.54 cm)


  • Including Batteries: 2.43 oz (68.8 g)


  • (1) 18350 MAH Unprotected


  • (3) Samsung 351D 5K 5K Emitters w Red Secondaires 

  • Laser Applied  Topo Pattern

  • Cerekote Body w Multiple Options

  • Forward Click Tail Cap Switch

  • High Tolerance American CNC Machining

  • High Impact Hardened Glass Lenses

  • 4 Light Modes + Red Secondarys

  • Copper Heat Sink

  • Weatherproof and Water Resistant

  • Tailstands

Engineered, Manufactured and Made in the USA


One of the most advanced drivers on the market, the fully programmable Samsung 351D 5K w red secondaries features battery monitoring, full thermal regulation, and advanced programming and memory capabilities. Visit the Barrell website for programming instructions.

programming instructions


The protected microprocessor maximizes light output, resulting in a consistent level of light output throughout the battery’s life.


The forward click activation switch is easy to use in constant on or momentary modes. Four illumination modes from Moonlight (less than 1 lumen) all the way to Turbo at well over 1000 Lumens, 


Barrel Lights feature a removable beauty ring, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of materials and finishes to make it your own.

Behind the Scenes with Barrel Lights 

Founded by Kevin Shirley in 2016, Barrel Flashlight Company has quickly gained a reputation for making extraordinary
lights with the finest materials available. A lifetime collector of high end lights, Kevin has a discerning eye and unrelenting standards.


An 18350 MAH unprotected battery is included.