Two of the most anticipated items we had planned for the Every Day Capable event were unfortunately delayed in transit, thus we will be concluding the EDC Event with a special DAY 06 NEXT WEEK.

Thank you for the support of all the partners we’ve had this year during the EDC Event and stay tuned for the DAY 06 announcement next week.

-6 Days of Custom Knives, Flashlights, Tools, & more to enhance you capability.-

Most items are limited edition, custom batch, or 1 of 1.

First come, first serve, unless otherwise noted.


DAY 05 : 2021.09.24

DAY 04 : 2021.09.23

DAY 03 : 2021.09.22

DAY 02 : 2021.09.21

DAY 01 : 2021.09.20