Edged Weapons Overview

The Edged Weapons Overview course (EWO) is a 16-hour focused overview of knife application methods that will give the student a fundamental and broad understanding of edged weapons. Like all ShivWorks courses, EWO is contextually underscored and emphasizes a conceptual framework applied through the minimalist, functional toolbox. All software is presented from the reductionist’s point of view to maximize retention and maintenance efficiency. Topics to be covered in the course include:

Day One

  • The Criminal Assault Paradigm
  • Managing Unknown Contacts
  • Default Position and Basic Blows
  • Tool Survey
  • Robust Folder Deployment
  • Theory of In-Fight Weapons Access
  • In-Extremis Application

Day Two

  • Mobility and Zoning Issues of Equal Initiative Encounters
  • Plyometric Fighting Platform
  • Point Theory, Forward and Reverse Grip
  • Conventional Edge Introduction
  • Refining the Narrow Angle
  • Reverse Edge Introduction
  • The Functional Support Hand
  • Specialty and Improvised Edged tools (push daggers, icepicks, screwdrivers, etc.). This module is largely based on what students bring to the class and wish to see addressed.


ShivWorks is composed of training specialists, tacticians, and methodologists whose focus is the proliferation of tools and skills for preservation of life during criminal assault. 

Instructor Bio

Craig Douglas, aka "SouthNarc," is a retired 21-year police officer and former commander of his agency’s SWAT team. Craig was a full-time police officer from 1990-2011 and held line assignments in corrections, patrol, narcotics, investigations, and has been a narcotics group supervisor. He was also the primary defensive tactics instructor at the Southern Regional Public Safety Institute from 1992-1999 and has personally trained over five thousand police officers at the academy level. Craig has extensive operational experience in an undercover capacity which is reflected heavily in the Extreme Close Quarter Concepts coursework. Craig has a thirty year background in Philippine, Indonesian, Brazilian and Japanese martial arts and is a veteran of the U.S. Army. He has been conducting training in the private sector in the USA and abroad for the past decade. 

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