by TAD HQ 2019-09-11

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Everyday Carry (EDC)

Whether we carry keys, knives, flashlights, cards, phones, laptops, multitools, glasses, earbuds, etc. there is no question that almost everyone part of the modern day hustle and bustle has some form of an EDC.  The practice of having an EDC, however, is very much a historical practice. From the 16th Century when pocket watches became prevalent to the early 1930’s when sunglasses began selling at mass as an accessory to everyday life.

Today we carry daily use items any number of ways from packs to purses, messenger bags to the pockets on our clothes.  How we carry our everyday items depends greatly on what we carry and why we carry it. TAD products have always been known as a reliable source for maintaining your EDC.  For years we’ve introduced new ways of thinking about how you carry your EDC, from the welt pockets on the Force 10 Cargo Pant to the yoke pockets on the Intercept PD Pant to the signature diamond reinforcements on a number of our pants, acknowledging EDC requirements is a part of our design language.

One constant in this design language has always remained, however.  It’s never really been truly covert. Until recently, we had not chosen to provide a truly sleek, clean profile, garment that could carry a lot, but look completely unassuming.  Meaning there are no external visible pockets, seams, or reinforcements that are a ‘giveaway’ that there might be ‘more than meets the eye.’

Enter Agent Chino

The Agent Chinos are our answer to a completely discreet way to carry your EDC.

Palm side organizers are concealed within modernized quarter-top pockets.  These pockets keep your carry gear separated, indexable, and accessible while minimizing printing and eliminating the need for exposed pocket clips.  These pockets are sized to carry some of the most popular EDC items of today. Items such as pens, keys, cards, phones, flashlights, and knives. For the professional user, items such as tourniquets, pistol, and rifle magazines, multitools and more will also fit.

In addition to the front pocket organization we kept some traditional Triple Aught Design carry solutions such as the back yoke pockets like the ones found in our Intercept PD’s and hidden passport carry pocket like the ones found in our Force 10 Cargo Pants.  Both of these design features have been extremely popular and proven in the field over the last decade, we had to include them with our Agent line as well.

The Agent Chinos are a perfect blend of traditional TAD features and a new carry paradigm for future designs.

Fabric Says A Lot

Aside from the pocket layout and overall design, the other key contributor to the Agent’s ability to remain so covert is the fabric used.  ST (Sateen Twill) and XC (Stretch Canvas) both drape exceptionally clean and help the Agent’s appear as a sophisticated pair of classic menswear pants, hiding their true nature.

Sateen Twill

Sateen Twill

Is incredibly robust. It’s a densely woven blend of nylon and cotton that has a rugged drape and can take a beating. It’s heavier than our traditional RS (nyco ripstop) but lighter than our DC (doomsday canvas).

Stretch Canvas

Stretch Canvas

Offers a three-season option that is lighter, with some stretch, but still a firm, stylish drape. Both materials are great options depending on your climate and end-use.

The Future Looks Covert

Since their initial launch in January 2019, the Agent Chino have become the top selling pant for Triple Aught Design this year.  The covert palm side organizers within the pocketing were a major draw for the market. We are eager to continue exploring more applications of this feature in future designs hitting the market later in the year.

The Agent's covert palm side organizers paired with a new lower profile front cargo pocket design.
Prototype pants still in development.